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Where to Drink Wine in Danang

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Wine is considered as nectar of the gods. It is one of mankind’s oldest and most valuable beverages. There’s nothing better than rewarding yourself with a glass of wine after a hard-working day. You are wondering where to drink wine in Danang? Let When in Danang help you explore more spots to immerse yourself in the aroma of the wine. 

1. DOM – The Wine Bistro

“DOM” is a great European restaurant located on Phan Boi Chau Street – The center of Danang city. You will be impressed by the Western design style as soon as you pass by. A giant bar is right at the entrance is filled with numerous of wines that come from all over the world. Because the atmosphere here is incredibly cozy and elegant, it’s suitable for dating or meeting business partners. 

DOM - The Wine Bistro
DOM – The Wine Bistro

In addition, the restaurant also has an extensive menu, it also serves snacks or main dishes depending on the needs of customers. The best-seller dishes are sautéed salmon, beefsteak, and salad served with red wine. Especially, the steak is soft and delicious, the spices only have salt and pepper, so it does not lose the aroma of the meat, combined with red wine must say is excellent. If you’re wondering where to drink wine in Danang, “DOM” must be the best ideal destination. 

A delicious meal with red wine
A delicious meal with red wine

Address: 03 Phan Boi Chau St.,  Hai Chau, Danang 

Open time: 11:00 – 22:30 

Price: đ79.000 – đ250.000

2. Memory Lounge Bar & Restaurant

Located nearby Han River, “Memory Lounge Bar & Restaurant” is one of the most luxurious bars in Danang. Viewed from above, “Memory Lounge” looks like a giant leaf floating in the middle of the stream. This fabulous place has become a highlight for Da Nang tourism recently. When entering this place, you will be surprised by the spectacular view overlooking Han River Bridge. Immersed in the night with colorful lights sparkling on the river surface, you seem to enjoy a stunning oil painting at that moment.

View from Memory Lounge and Bar"<yoastmark
View from Memory Lounge and Bar

“Memory Lounge” owns a vast wine collection of nearly 100 brands imported from famous winemakers, including Vietnam’s rarest bottles. Memory Lounge deserves to be the place to have casual or formal meetings at a high-class with open parking, a diverse menu of Asian and European dishes with professional service. Moreover, the upstair area also serves a cozy bar with live music every night. As a result, when you are exhausted after a hard-working day, coming to “Memory Lounge” and let your worries float away. Although the price is quite high compared to the common ones, it is absolutely a must-try spot to drink wine in Danang.

Live music every night
Live music every night

Address: 07 Bach Dang St., Hai Chau, Danang 

Open time: 06:00 – 23:00 

Price: đ50.000 – đ385.000

3. Retro Kitchen and Bar

“Retro Kitchen and Bar” is probably a superb destination for couples who love tranquility and drink wine in Danang. The place here is furnished beautifully and elegantly with golden lights, combined with melodious and soothing musical tunes while enjoying a meal. A special thing in “Retro” is an open kitchen so that you can see how the dedicated chef cook the meals. 

Retro Kitchen and Bar
Retro Kitchen and Bar

The most popular dish here is mussel cheese which is baked with foie gras. Furthermore, enjoy dining with red wine can make the dish more aromatic and tastier to arouse the taste buds. Besides the good quality of cuisines, “Retro” offers an extensive imported wine collection with more than 250 different bottles for you to choose from. If you want to have a romantic dating and sip a glass of wine, “Retro Kitchen & Bar” is a perfect spot that you cannot ignore.

Address: 85-87 Tran Phu St., Hai Chau, Danang

Open time:  07:00 – 23:00 

Price: đ30.000 – đ100.000

4. Anchor Boutique and Restaurant

In the heart of modern Da Nang with billions of restaurants, there is a unique one with mysterious castle architecture. This is where you can experience top-class wines in the world and European standard meals. Visitors described  “Anchor” as a restaurant with the appearance of a wine castle on the ground, full of fascinating stuff that everyone is incredibly excited about. 

Where to drink wine in Danang
Where to drink wine in Danang

Moreover, the most attractive point on the first floor is probably the bar with an abundance of wines and foreign beers decorated with eye-catching. As a restaurant specializing in the standard wine industry, everything at “Anchor Boutique and Restaurant” is all highlighting a space to enjoy a world-class wine. 

Side dishes with red wine
Side dishes with red wine

Meanwhile, there are 250 kinds of wine from 30 popular worldwide brands at the “Anchor”. There also serves rare wines in it, only for the nobles and the royal family. In fact, diners who come here can assured of drinking fine wine at a price equivalent to the price of the store. Especially, “Anchor” normally uses high-end Riedel brand cups that are fully crystal, every glass has been carefully studied to be consistent with various wines. Most diligently show the wine’s color and smell, make a simple sound when touching the glass. Therefore, why don’t you choose “Anchor Boutique and Restaurant” as a next stop to drink wine in Danang?

Address: 143 Le Loi St., Hai Chau, Danang

Open time:  10:30 – 23:00

Price: đ35.000 – đ200.000

5. La Maison 1888

Last but not least, “La Maison 1888” is the most clinking destination for wine lovers. It is located on the gentle hillside of Son Tra peninsula and belongs to InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort. The restaurant is designed by a world-famous architect with the architecture of an old French villa. As a result, the restaurant has brought the most luxurious and classy feeling to customers. Especially, you can enjoy the wines that occurred more than 200 years ago all over the world, many of them are unique wines and popular lines of champagne. This is one of several events that aim at giving guests more upscale experiences.

La Maison 1888
La Maison 1888

There is no need to be in Paris, the romantic setting of “La Maison 1888” combined with 05 famous Billecart-Salmon champagne will bring you the most memorable experience in life. Moreover, diners can both admire the beautiful scenery of Son Tra Peninsula – where mountains and sea mingle while enjoying the sophistication of French cuisines cooked by a 3-star Michelin French chef. It’s truly a worthwhile and unforgettable experience to drink wine in Danang.

Drink wine in Danang
Drink wine in Danang

Address: InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, Son Tra peninsula, Danang

Open time: 8h00 – 22h30

Price: đ500.000 – đ1.650.000

All of the above are the Top 5 places to drink wine in Da Nang very delicious, with bold Western flavors. Each place has its own unique. Hopefully, with the above sharing of When in Danang, you will help you choose the best restaurant.



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