Where To Do Evening Entertainment In Da Nang

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Da Nang is a vibrant tourist city, rarely sleeping at night. There are many places for activities, eating , and entertainment in Da Nang at night.  So, where to do evening entertainment in Da Nang is really a difficult question for tourists. But don’t worry, let When In Da Nang help you:


1.Da Nang Night Market – The Best Place For Evening Entertaining in Da Nang 

Night market is an indispensable feature of any tourist city. But for a city having rich cuisine like Da Nang, the Night Market is more attractive. And this is an activity which has to be in your upcoming travel list.

Coming to the Night market, you can not only enjoy the special local foods which are so unique and tasty but also enjoy many entertaining games. Some of the famous night markets in Da Nang we can talk about are Son Tra Night Market and Helio Night Market.

Son Tra night market is a market opened near the Dragon Bridge. Choosing this place as a destination for the weekend night will be great because in addition to eating and drinking, you can also watch Da Nang at night, an imposing Dragon Bridge spitting fire and water. How attractive it is!

evening entertainment in Da Nang

If you travel with family, with children, you should choose Helio Night market. This is a large-scale amusement park combined. In addition to the food court with a variety of local foods, there are also many play areas for children. Especially, Helio also has an awesome outdoor stage to serve quality performances for visitors.

2.Cruise On Han River:

Coming to the city of bridges, it is impossible to remove the “cruise on the Han river” from the list “where to do evening entertainment in Da Nang”. On the Han River there are 5 big and small bridges. However, for tourism purposes, the yacht will only cross 2 famous bridges: the Dragon Bridge and the Han River Bridge. Watching the shimmer of the city, the splendours of the bridges from the river view is wonderful, right?

evening entertainment in Da Nang

With only 200,000VND for a ticket, you will enjoy not only the city view of the two magical riverside. On the boat, you will be served drinks and fruit for free. At the same time, there are also professional dancers performing elaborate dances, adding even more excitement to your cruise trip.


3.View The Whole City On The SunWheel

SunWheel is the highlight of Asia park – 115m high, has 64 cabins and capacity for 6 people per cabin. This is not everything, from a long distance, SunWheel is like a magic circle with sophisticated color-changing LED lights designs. If you just stand from the window of your high-rise hotel room, you will not be able to see all the magic shimmer of Da Nang at night. If so, why not try to get on SunWheel once, to reach the top and see a completely different city at night. It will definitely be an experience you will never forget.

4.Bars – Clubs – Evening Entertaining In Da Nang 

Talking about the vibrant evening entertainment in Da Nang, it is impossible not to mention the bars. In Da Nang there are many bars and clubs with different styles of space, music and drinks. 

If you are a fan of live music, you want a space to enjoy music while relaxing with a cocktail. So you should choose On The Radio as the destination. 7-11p.m a day will be the time for the bands to perform live at On The Radio. The band will often perform popular and timeless pop and rock songs. From 11am onwards, the bands will make room for DJs with upbeat EDM hits.

And if you want to feel at the same time with vibrant music, while looking at the city at night, Sky36 is the best choice. Sky36 is located on the top floor of Novotel Premier DaNang Han River. This is considered the highest bar in Vietnam with a large and luxurious space. The music nights here are often gathering with famous domestic and foreign DJs, so you won’t be disappointed when you choose Sky36 as a Nightlife place in Da Nang during your trip. 

evening entertainment in Da Nang

5.Walking Along The East Sea Shore

Belonging to the romantic style of evening entertaining in Da Nang, walking in the East Sea shore will bring you a different feeling about Da Nang. Walking will make you feel things slow down, feel a gentle Da Nang in each sea breeze. In addition, in the East Sea Park, there is a very large outdoor stage serving visitors to play and enjoy music. Don’t miss this activity on your trip.

and above are suggestions that cannot be ignored about evening entertaining in Da Nang  which When In Da Nang wants to send to you. Hope that this information will help your Da Nang trip become more complete.

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