Top 5 Essential Things To Do In Hoi An

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Hoi An – an ancient street quietly located next to the Thu Bon River. Among the chaos of the surrounding city while still retaining the breath of the past, the traditional quintessence of the craft village. You will have to spend an entire day for all the essential things to do in Hoi An. For those who are going to have their first trip to Hoi An. When In Da Nang will help you through some activities, places to experience here.


1,Experience speedy clothes sewing in Hoi An


You may not know, one of the essential things to do in Hoi An is the speedy clothes sewing shops. To cater to tourists who do not have much time to wait. The tailor shops here can bring you a complete vest or a dress in just a few hours.

Along the streets of Hoi An you will not find it difficult to find tailor shops. There are both traditional Vietnamese or foreign styles. Fabrics used here are very diverse such as silk, linen, .. Customers will be able to sew, measure, modify their shape and size directly at the store. You just need to say your request and come back to get it after exploring Hoi An for a round. Isn’t that great?


2.Walking around the old town


Mention to essential things to do in Hoi An , there must be walking around the old town. Hoi An is famous for its streets and ancient houses with Vietnamese architecture in ancient times. Hoi An ancient town has existed for more than 2000 years despite the devastating bombs from the war time. Nowadays, Hoi An ancient town is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. You should spend a beautiful afternoon leisurely walking to see the golden houses, tiled roofs flooded in the brilliant afternoon


3.Most essential things to do in Hoi An – Enjoy coffee on “Roof of Hoi An”


One of the highlights of architecture in Hoi An is the mossy roof, fading with the years. From an elevated perspective, you will see that Hoi An has a “tile roof” with its own beauty, history. To enjoy such scenery, you have to go to the coffee shop “Faifo Hoi An”. This is  one of top famous coffee shops in Hoi An. Up to the 3rd floor, sit on the balcony. The panorama of ancient Hoi An will be fully captured in your eyes and into your heart. 


4.Drink “Mót” water


One of the essential things to do in Hoi An is to drink “Mót” water. “Mót” is the representative drink of Hoi An. This herbal juice is sold in only a small, old shop on Tran Phu street in the old town. “Mót” water is made with a secret family recipe. The taste of “Mót” is a taste you won’t find anywhere else but Hoi An. The price for a glass of water is also very cheap, only 10,000VND


5.Flower garlands and colored lanterns


Derived from the traditions of the local people, until now, this has become a feature of tourism. On the full moon day of each month, local people will drop flower garlands and colored lanterns on river.  Flower garlands and colored lanterns are dropped to the river to pray for peace and health. But with the desire to bring experiences to tourists, Flower garlands and colored lanterns are released every night. Visitors will be able to sail out to the middle of the river, drop the flower garlands and colored lanterns. This will really be an unforgettable experience for you.

Hoi An has many other interesting activities waiting for you to explore, but above are Top 5 essential things to do in Hoi An that you definitely cannot ignore. When In Da Nang hopes that you will have an unforgettable trip in Hoi An.

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