Top 4 famous places to eat sushi in Danang

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sushi in danang

Japanese-style food is increasingly famous in Vietnam. Therefore, Japanese food has long been no stranger to Vietnamese people. However, where to eat the best Japanese food among many restaurants in Danang. Let When in Danang recommend the best and famous restaurants in Danang.

Edo sushi

Edo undoubtedly the most famous sushi place in Danang because of its cheap price but still ensure the quality of the sushi dishes. Therefore, Edo sushi is always full of people so you should make a table reservation before coming here so you do not have to wait too long to eat sushi. 

At Edo, sushi and sashimi and very good because of fresh ingredients, udon noodles are chewy and delicious. Along with that is the attitude and service manner of polite and enthusiastic staff. The menu at Edo is very diverse and can suit many different taste palettes of customers. These have made the success of Edo.

Price: 50.000đ – 100.000đ

Address: 27 Thai Phien

sushi in danang

Dasushi Danang

The restaurant chain Dasushi is one of the first places to serve sushi in Danang city. With the longest operating time, Dasushi is very famous and must have a lot of experience in serving guests and making food most suitable for customers’ food palette. 

The quality of food in Dasushi is not discussed because the food is always fresh, from sushi to sashimi. The price is quite high compared to some other sushi stores, but for the quality that is reasonable. Dasushi has VIP rooms which suitable for those who want to organize a birthday or private party. Service staff dedicated, attentive, there are always staff nearby to meet the needs of customers.

Price: 20.000đ – 330.000đ

Address: 150 Phan Châu Trinh, 266 – 268 Nguyễn Văn Linh

sushi in danang

Jako Restaurant & Coffee Danang

Jako is new but already gotten much popularity and become a famous place for sushi in Danang.

The sushi and sashimi here are very fresh, the grilled meat is seasoned, the salad is delicious, crispy, and plump. The quality of delicious food is one of the points that customers always want to return to the restaurant at any time. Along with that, customers coming to Jako always satisfy with the service of the fast and enthusiastic staff restaurant.

Price: 30.000đ – 150.000đ

Address: 18-20 Lê Quý Đôn

sushi in danang

PhiPhi Danang- Sushi Nhật & Hàn Food

PhiPhi sushi is decorated in a Japanese style, small and quite cozy, PhiPhi sushi is very crowded thanks to its stable quality, delicious and clean dishes. The menu at PhiPhi is not only limited to Japanese food but also Korean food can be found here.

The food at PhiPhi is delicious and presents very beautifully. Along with that is the fast, enthusiastic, polite staff. Therefore, PhiPhi sushi has a mid-range price range which is reasonable with the quality.

Price: 39.000đ – 175.000đ

Address: 41 Lê Hồng Phong.

sushi in danang

Hopefully, with the 4 most famous places in Danang that When in Danang listed above you will no longer have to waste time thinking about where to eat. We hope you will enjoy your meal!

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