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Logo Designs That You May Fall In Love With

1K Views 15-11-2020

Logo design plays an important role in each business. With an impressive logo, entrepreneurship could grab customer’s attention as well as seperate it from other competitors. In this article, When in Danang would introduce you some best logo design that you may fall in love with.


Street net logo
The pink theme symbolizes the company’s belief in its vision and mission

Streetnet is a prominent marketing agency in Danang – a city brimmed with tourism and businesses. And it is the logo design that you may fall in love with.

Their logo design is inspired by a simple tree (the “street”) made from lines and hexagons. Furthermore, the branches symbolize a network branching out to a wider area (the “net”). This impressive logo also resembles a feather pen, representing the creative and innovative contents created by the marketing agency.

Streetnet is also responsible for designing various praised logo for branches in Danang city. From jewelry stores and villas to English teaching centers, Streetnet’s portfolio demonstrate the best in design, minimalism, and imageries.

Business: Advertising agency



Ba Na Hill:

Ba Na Hills logo
Logo of Ba Na Hills is the combination between modernity and romance

Ba Na Hills is probably the most well-known tourist destination in Da Nang city. To promote their brand, Ba Na Hills selected the bellflower cherry – “Dao chuong” flower – as their logo design. This extremely rare flower is found natively only in Vietnam, Japan, and China, and it only blooms thousands of meters above sea level. On the mount Ba Na in Danang city, bellflower cherry blooms in early spring, covering the resort and theme part complex in a bright red color. Ba Na Hills’ logo design is impressive, since it not only shows the specialties of the destination, but also featured a memorable shape and shade.

In 2020, the flower shape can still be seen on the Ba Na Hills Golf Club logo, on a shield and golf clubs.

Business: Golf Club




Highlands Coffee:

Highlands Coffee logo
Million-dollar valued logo

Being one of the most recognized coffee brands in Vietnam, Highlands Coffee owns 19 storefronts in Danang city. Their logo design has a stylized coffee bean, which could make it become the logo design you may fall in love with in F&B field. The “line” in the middle of the coffee bean also symbolize a river, while the sides of the beans stand for the ground and the mountains. Thus, this impressive logo shows how their high-quality coffee is born from soil, the mountains of Central Highland, and the clean water.

Tourist in Vietnam could find this logo alongside the Han River, on the main roads of Danang city, and even the lobby of their own hotels.

Business: coffee




Da Nang – Fantasticity:

FantastiCity logo
As colorful as Danang city, this logo depicts what tourists want to see in such a travelling place

In 2013, Da Nang city held a competition for a logo representing the city’s tourism industry. After 8 months, this impressive logo won the first place. The creator of this logo, Doan Hai Tu, was awarded over 4000 USD in cash, along with many prizes by resorts and restaurants in Da Nang city.

The logo features stylized initials “D” and “N” which stands for Da Nang. Five shapes are used to refer to the Five Marble Mountains, a famous tourism spot of the city. Besides, The purple and red colors stand for the amiable and friendly people, blue for the sea and yellow for the sand, and green reminds people of nature. Overall, the shape also resembles a blooming flower.



The Offish:

Simple but nice logo

The Offish is a co-working location that focuses on innovation, positive energy, and creativity. The brand ultilized a pun to draw attention and to emphasize on their proactive identity, so their impressive logo follows with the same pun in mind.

The logo design resembles a fish heading downward, matching the brand name. However, their logo also looks like a three-dimensional room. The eye and tail of the fish is similar to ultilities in the room. This logo not only perfectly match the name and brand identity, but also implies that Offish infrastructure is modern and the brand culture is friendly and proactive.

Business type: Working space for rent

Location: 586 Nguyen Huu Tho, Da Nang, Viet Nam



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