Don’t Miss This Top 5 Best Spas In Danang City

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After a long day exploring Danang city, it is such a pleasure to drop by a spa and release all your tiredness and sweats. Based on a range of reviews and personal experience of past tourists, When in Danang helps you list of TOP 5 BEST SPAS IN DANANG CITY.

1. Megah Spa & Massage – Best Spa in Best Hotel

“Megah Spa & Massage” is located in Muong Thanh Grand Danang – a well-known hotel on Han river bank. The spa is held in high regard by its customers, having received positive reviews on websites, travel guides, as well as touring forums and social media. Let’s figure out why its rank is 5th in list of best spas in Danang city.

Garnished with modern and delicate furniture, “Megah Spa & Massage” does not have only comfortable rooms, but also exotic services and beautifying courses. From clean, sterilized beddings to mood lighting, each detail is carefully designed to bring the most enjoyment to customers.

In “Megah Spa & Massage, services offered are derived from natural and traditional methods of beautifying and relaxation. Courses such as head and face massage, essential oil spa and bathe, or natural mineral massages aim at relaxing as well as skin and health improvement.

The employees of “Megah Spa & Massage” are trained to a high degree of professionalism. Otherwise, the staff of the spa is also amiable, and would welcome all visitors with a gentle smile.

Address:        962 Ngo Quyen Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang City

Tel:                  +84 2363 929 929


Muong Thanh luxury spa room

2. Lotus Massage Danang – The Flower to Ease Your Stress

Highly recommended for its service by Korean tourists, Lotus Massage Danang is among the best spas in Danang city.

Decorated in oriental-themed style, Lotus Massage arises exotic feelings right in such a modern city like Danang. Following with that, the ambience is silent in order not to take tourists away from noisy street life.

In Lotus Massage, their signature services range from foot therapy to massage with hot stones. Besides, as they focus on family members reunion times, Lotus Massage also focuses on services for each niche customers.

For employees, Lotus Massage is outstanding among other spas for its vision and mission to staff. The entrepreneur provides women plenty of vocational opportunities and support them in the future.

Address:        210 Ho Nghinh Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang City

Tel:                  +84 93 193 11 99


3. Queen Spa – Born to treat Queen

As mentioned in their description, Queen Spa is a small but nice and warm one located in the heart of Danang city. It is certain that this location is quite convenient for customers to transfer.

Queen Spa is a harmonious combination between modern and eco-friendly themes. This is illustrated by their care in small items such as natural rubber mattresses and embroidered cotton towels. Clearly, this is a part of their tactics to bring comfort and relaxation to customers.

The core vision is to maintain sustainability in their business. Especially, Queen Spa is famous for its different unique therapies by taking advantage of natural ingredients such as bamboo and candle.

Thanks to adapting sustainable treatments, Queen Spa is always working at its maximum capacity. Thus, to enjoy your time there, When in Danang recommends you booking in advance.

Address:        144 Pham Cu Luong St., An Hai Dong Ward, Son Tra District

Tel:                  +84 93 242 94 29


Oriental-themed spa room in Queen Spa

4. Goddess Spa – Where Arises Your Beauty

Located in the heart of Danang city, Goddess Spa is popular to local women for its therapies and services in beautifying them. Not only does the spa have modern facilities but the therapists are also skillful and dedicated to their work. To Goddess Spa, the beauty of Vietnamese women is their uttermost mission to complete with a reasonable price. The therapies are diverse, ranging from face to body as well massage for relaxation.

Recently, Goddess Spa has launched many promotions. Come and get it soon to upgrade your beauty.

Address:        35 Phan Thanh Tai Street, Hai Chau District

Tel:                  +84 899 541 222


Guest room in Goddess Spa

5. Silk Spa – Make Your Skin As Smooth As Silk

Silk Spa‘s location is about 100 meters away from My Khe Beach. What makes it distinguished from other spas is their balance between services and price. Silk Spa has excellent business thanks to their enthusiastic and skillful therapists, while maintaining very reasonable price compared to other spas. Though spa is new, it is getting more and more popular with tourists and even the local.

Address:        32 An Thuong 4 Street, Ngu Hanh Son District

Tel:                  +84 869 970 567


Massage room

Danang city is developing in tourism faster than before, leading to the expansion in spa industry. When in Danang hopes this list of top five spas could be informative to all tourists in the future.



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