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Discovering Danang and Hoi An in 72 Hours (Part 1)

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Discovering Danang and Hoi An

Discovering Danang and Hoi An is one of the most exciting tours that attract travelers all over the world. This guide travel covers the must-see attractions, accommodation, and some means of transportation to get around the city whether you have three days or three weeks to travel. Let’s come and enjoy what we can do when spending 72 hours in Danang and Hoi An with When in Danang! But first, shall we take a basically about Danang and Hoi An Town? 

1. Prologue

Da Nang and Hoi An are both in the central coastal region. There are two seasons all year round: dry and rainy season, and of course, each season has its own beauty. However, you will be able to see more places of interest while discovering Da Nang and Hoi An in the dry one (from January to August).

discovering Danang City
Discovering Danang City

Danang is the third largest city in Vietnam. It is regarded as Vietnam’s commercial and educational capital and is often mentioned as the “City of Bridges” because it has four massively impressive bridges. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit iconic landscapes such as Ba Na Hills, Ngu Hanh Son marble mountains, Son Tra peninsula,… Moreover, travelers are able to head down to the well-known beach – My Khe and immerse themself in the pure refreshing water. Besides, Danang’s specialties are also the things that visitors may not ignore when exploring this worth-living city. 

Discovering Hoi An Ancient Town
Discovering Hoi An Ancient Town

Located about 30 kilometers to the south of Danang city, Hoi An Ancient Town was claimed a UNESCO World Heritage City title in 1999. It kept almost intact with more than 1000 architectural relics from streets, houses, assembly halls, communal buildings, pagodas, temples, ethnic churches, old walls, … to traditional dishes, and even people’s souls. A trip to Hoi An will captivate visitors by its timeless beauty, extremely rustic and simple. 

These paragraphs below are going to tell more details about the accommodation and other exciting activities (in part 2) when discovering Danang and Hoi An.

2. Means of transportation

Danang International Airport
Danang International Airport

2.1. Taxi

Danang has its own international and domestic airport that takes visitors only a 10 minute to ride away from the city center. At the moment, we have 02 ways to get into Danang city from Danang International Airport. Firstly, the fastest and easiest form of transportation to find are taxis, it’s available everywhere. As soon as when you’re at the airport, you can see hundreds of taxis in front of the entrance waiting for passengers. Do not hesitate about the price, your trip’s price will be displayed on the taxi price list and it will be based on the number of kilometers you have traveled. Normally, a one-way 10-minute trip costs about đ126,500 ($5.50)

Taxis at the airport
Taxis at the airport

2.2 Grab

Besides, booking grab is also a good choice. A one-way 10-minute trip getting into Danang city costs around đ115,000 ($5.00) + đ10,000 airport exit fee.  

Grab is one of the most popular means of transportation
Grab is one of the most popular means of transportation

2.3. Cocobus

In addition, let yourself the very first time try Cocobus – the first convertible double-decker bus in Vietnam. The benefit of choosing Cocobus as means of transportation to get into Danang city is that travelers can experience 01 day freely choosing their desired destination. They are excited about exploring everywhere with only a 24-hour ticket. An unlimited number of moves will make your pleasure more complete than ever. A ticket for this hop-on hop-off bus is đ250,000 per person. 


When coming to Hoi An Ancient Town, it has no airport, and no train station either. The only way to get there is by road. Travelers can hire a taxi from the neighboring city – Da Nang which does have an international airport. 

3. Accommodation 

In Danang city, travelers have many options when it comes to finding accommodation. From 3-star hotels to glorious 5-star hotels. Da Nang is famous for being the destination with the most beautiful beaches on the planet. As a result, don’t hesitate to choose a luxurious room at the hotels located on Vo Nguyen Giap Street with a beach direct view. In addition, the majority of foreigners have a tendency to stay in An Thuong street. This area is hustling from morning to midnight with many shops as bars/pubs, mini supermarkets are open 24/7, … Some luxury hotels for visitors when discovering Danang and Hoi An

Some luxury hotels for visitors when discovering Danang and Hoi An

Familiar to Danang city, we have a wide selection of hotels for you to choose in Hoi An City. It suits your pocket and style. Hoi An Town also has hotels from 4-stars with amenities suitable to the tastes of tourists. However, when coming to Hoi An, we recommend that visitors should choose to stay at local homestays, especially near the old town of Hoi An so that you can feel the bustle but not the hustle of Hoi An in the most obvious way whether day or night. Furthermore, there will have bikes for rent in those homestays. This helps you easily move and explore in Hoi An pedestrian street but do not pollute the environment. Besides, capturing the moment of cycling around the alleys of Hoi An is a favorite activity of visitors. 

Homestay in Hoi An
Homestay in Hoi An

A helpful tip for tourists when traveling when discovering Da Nang and Hoi An is to book your ideal accommodation early in advance so that you can enjoy more deals and cheaper prices than usual.

In conclusion, discovering Danang and Hoi An has become a popular up-and-coming activity for visitors all around the world. Click the follow button to continue with part 2 of the series discovering Danang and Hoi An in 72 hours and get more tourism information from When in Danang!

(to be continued…)



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